Somewhere In Indiana - Anonymous

Picspiration Challenge Winner - Fall 2016

The sun is blinding me, I can’t drive like this.
Pull over, we can wait for it to set.
Where? Just along the side of the road?
On the side, right here in the lane, I don’t think it matters. We haven’t seen another car in hours.
I’ll pull off here.
Do you want to get out? We can go for a walk.
I just need to sit.
Are you okay?
Yeah I mean I’m here.
I am too.

Golden hour.
This time of day, it’s called the golden hour.
It’s nice.
I used to walk home from class at this time every day at IU.
I wish I knew you then.
I’m glad you didn’t.
I’m glad I know you now.
Me too.

I wish he didn’t hurt you like that.
I knew it was coming, he gets like that over the holidays. We shouldn’t have gone.
You were brave. Plus it meant so much to your mom.
I don’t want to think about her.
I think she thinks about you a lot.
She should, she owes it to me.
Do you think she’ll ever leave him?
She doesn’t have anywhere to go.
Is that true?
Probably, my aunt lives in Kansas. She could go there.
Do they talk?
Not since he smacked her at my high school graduation.
I wish I could do something.
You have.
I like the golden hour.

The sun isn’t in my eyes anymore. Ready?
I am if you are.
Let’s go.

This anonymous writer enjoys sipping espresso and quietly writing poems in her phone about interesting people. She is in her second year here and hopes to develop the guts to publish her work non anonymously by the time she graduates.